If y'all are as interested in child signing as Biffle and I are, do we have some videos for you!  We made these for Maybelle's fabulous preschool teachers, but since they're there, the rest of you who are going to be interacting with the Ween can have a look:  "Top signs for Maybelle" and "Some less important but still good signs for Maybelle."  Notice that in the first one, Biffle tapped into his filmmaking strengths.  Very fancy.  I appropriately demonstrate not only the signs but the kinds of vocal intonations that should be used with them.

There are loads more signs she knows and can do, but we didn't want to overwhelm Ms. Kim and Ms. Ashley.


Trey said...

So good. My favorite part is Maybelle's version of yogurt (dodo).

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing these signs! I've noticed that Hugh has been doing more with his hands, but of course I can't understand him. I really think that Maybelle is teaching him some signs, so this might actually help me communicate with him better. I admit I've been lazy about learning/teaching signing, but the two signs he knows he uses All The Time!

See you at the PTO.