Foul, foul mood

Maybelle has been sick since Sunday, and I'm beginning to get how much that sucks.  This morning, I yelled at my dog because I was so mad at a man in the Rite Aid parking lot.  And I mean, really yelled.  I might have actually called Benya a very crude term because I wanted to call the man in the parking lot that crude term.  At least my interpersonal skills were enough in place that I knew I wasn't allowed to call the man himself that crude term, since all he had done was (fairly rudely, but still) asked that I get my dog's head out of his way so that he could get into his car.

At the time, I was being pulled across the parking lot by a very demanding small person whose runny nose was dripping blood because I'd accidentally yanked the scab off while wiping it.  With my shirt.  I was somewhere fairly grim:  the end of my rope?  My boiling point?  Hard to say which metaphor fits the best, but it was not the time to be even the tiniest bit rude to me.

Poor Benya.  I apologized profusely to her later, and I'm glad to say that she seemed fairly untraumatized.*  But all the rest of you:  be extra, extra nice to me today.

*The one bright side to this story is that Maybelle, who I'd hiked up onto my hip at that point so that we could quickly go back to the car and berate the innocent dog, found my yelling funny.  She giggled.  This is a sign to me that she's never, ever been yelled at like that, and she didn't perceive those noises coming from me as at all threatening to her.  Whew.


Rairy said...


I hope she and you feel better soon.

The Dad said...


Been there, done that, got the T-shirt

Both Benya and The Bean know you and understand. I think The Mom and I found that it usually worked out that only one of us was in that kind of mood at a time. The Mom was usually the nice one (this means that you are getting more like me).

The Dad

Tara said...

Oh, Alison! Would it be mean of me to admit that this made me chuckle? :) I hope the rest of your day is much, much brighter (with less yelling)!

Carol McCullough said...

I always thought I was a calm and patient person until I had kids. It tests your limits and takes you places you never thought you would go in terms of anger and annoyance. I totally understand the whole take a deep breath and count to ten thing now. It usually works...