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Over at the website On the Human (a project of the National Humanities Center), Michael Bérubé has written an essay called "Humans, Disabilities, and the Humanities."  I'm a fan of Bérubé's work, so it was very cool that I was asked to comment on his essay.  It seems to me the folks running this site are making an effort to have thoughtful academic conversations happening online--i.e., they wanted me to write something more substantial than, "Pwned!" or whatever.  Those of us invited are commenting right now, and I think at the end of the coming week Michael is going to write a response.

Have a look, and let me know what you think!

Still posingAlso, in case folks from that site click over here, here's a recent picture of Maybelle in her fabulousness.  I apologize for the eye booger which I didn't remove before I took the picture.  I ought to have a link to a recent reading video, or something like that (just this morning she learned to read the word "Nina").  Perhaps I'll get one of those up soon.

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Nina said...

Woah! That's so awesome that Maybelle can read my name!!!