It Gets Better, by Rebecca Drysdale

Check out this fabulous video, part of the It Gets Better Project. Thanks to Claire for the heads up. Watch all the way to the end. (Oh, and NSFW, if you work at some place homophobic and squeamish.)


Michelle said...

Wow! What an amazing video. Thank you so much for sharing. I have had gay friends who have had to deal with some serious BS and I think this song will touch a lot of people - and like Rebecca says not just those who are gay, but those who are different in some way. My son has Tourette Syndrome and gets bullied on occasion, but I remind him constantly that "It gets better!"
Thank you Rebecca for your insight.

B said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Totally0Random said...

That video is mostly amazing. I'm seriously in love with it. But every time it gets to the line about Glee, I feel guilty for loving the video. Everyone involved with Glee is gay? That's a cheap laugh. And untrue. And it perpetuates the stereotypes that lead to bullying. (Yes, the rest of the song also deals in stereotypes, but it mentions one specific name to match each story instead of painting an entire cast/creative team/production crew with the same brush.) I guess we can all get better.