Christy and Joel in Charleston

Walking tour of our neighborhoodMaybelle has just gone down for a nap, and Christy, Joel, and Jeff are on a quick tour of Charleston with Biffle. So I have a few minutes to blog about their visit to town.

As you know, Christy and Joel have appeared on this blog many, many times:  when we went to their wedding, when we took a fun winter trip to NYC to hang with them last year, when I did a research trip with Meghann years back in preparation for Girl Zines, and I'm sure there are many other examples.  They've finally come to Charleston for a visit, bringing along Joel's brother Jeff.  So far we've taken them on a walking tour of our neighborhood, and to eat at FIG and Hominy Grill.  This afternoon Biffle's hanging with Maybelle, and I'm taking Christy, Joel, and Jeff to Ft. Sumter.

Christy has often been disappointed about her lack of prominence on Baxter Sez.  Although she's been here many times, she thinks she deserves to be here more.  In some cases she's right:  she and Joel had their book group read Girl Zines, and they Skyped me in as a visiting author.  I meant to blog about that experience (totally fun!  good natured book group, especially considering that they were having to read a scholarly book!), but for some totally valid reason I forgot.  So this at least is a shout-out to the book group, and it's possible (although unlikely) that at some point I'll offer a more detailed recounting of that experience.

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