Lovely things about Charleston

I have a number of legitimate complaints about Charleston (and South Carolina), but one thing I rarely complain about is the weather.  This weekend has been a great example of why that's true.  I have many friends in other parts of the country who are experiencing winter--real winter, worse winter than usual.  And here we were on Saturday.  I brought the camera along in part to taunt friends in other parts of the country (not kind, but still sort of fun).


EB Schlaeger said...

now that's a fun Sunday afternoon! :)

I am a bit envious of your seemingly GORGEOUS weather. Sleet and freezing rain are expected to generate half to 3/4ths an inch of ice tomorrow, not to mention the 3-12 inches of snow expected (just all depends on which weather source you listen to). :}

carrie said...

maybelle is adorable! i enjoyed your skirt article too!