Please go below and read my article, "Maybelle vs. the Memoir."  But first, have a look at this great video Uncle Trey made of me and Maybelle playing outside a Waffle House:


Rairy said...

Giggle till you fall down, get up, giggle some more then hide and start over. Squee!


emboogie said...

I still follow your blog and i LOVE seeing updates about Maybelle - she is getting so big. Last time I really spent any time with her she was just a peanut - i love seeing a little glimpse of her personality. Enjoyed your article in skirt - think you might really like this story - i came across it about a year ago on feministing and have been following her ever since. : )
-Emily W

B said...

Uncle Trey gets mad props for recording this for the rest of us to enjoy, as far as I'm concerned. :) Yay, Uncle Trey...and I agree with Rairy, wholeheartedly!