Holy crap do little kids love balloons

Holy crap do little kids love balloons.

 The title is courtesy of Uncle Trey, who took this picture at a pony party Maybelle went to a couple of weekends ago.  This is another 31 for 21 post (really, it'll be more like 20 for 21 I suspect this month, but we'll see).

I don't think I really have to say anything, do I?  I mean, good grief, could anybody be having a better time than Maybelle and her friend in this picture?


Rairy said...


Elizabeth said...

This made me giggle out loud. I wish I were Maybelle and her friend right this instant.

sarahmartin said...

I would like to request a post and pictures of Gabe. That dog has not had nearly enough screen time. And possibly a picture of George Jones. But definitely Gabe.

krlr said...

Ballons & bubbles. Secrets to a happy childhood.