Isn't it time for some videos of Maybelle?

You know, it's Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and I'm theoretically taking part in 31 for 21 (see the logo below! That proves I'm a player!). So perhaps over the next few days I'll post some videos of Maybelle, documenting stuff going on in her life.

Maybelle's back to playing the drums these days, and Biffle's teaching her some basic drumming skills--how to cross her arms, how to hit the kick, snare, hi-hat. Here she is demonstrating those skills.  Please note that she's in a bedroom that has a bed, a steamer trunk, a doll house, a trampoline, a drum kit, and to the left, out of sight, a keyboard (that plays the theme to Titanic whenever Maybelle wants it to--yikes). Maybelle's occupational therapist said it's her favorite kid's bedroom (meaning that the bedroom is her favorite, not that Maybelle is her favorite kid--although obviously that's the case. Please.)
Fine drumming, 10-11-12 from Alison, Walter, and Maybelle on Vimeo.


claire said...

I was hoping that when she rised her hands and started to sing that we were going to hear Maybelle singing the Titanic theme song. Excellent drumming! I love the 1-2-3-4 on the sticks before she starts.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, good lord. Yet another reason to love Maybelle.

Megan The Maybelle Sitter said...

Im so glad I can have my daily fix of Maybelle all the way from MD! For the record, Maybelle is my favorite kid and I too love her bedroom.
Tell Uncle Trey to post some pictures from the Buddy Walk!

krlr said...

Maybelle rocks out! Love it.
(The Titanic, huh?)