Dancing at Early Bird
Dancing at the Early Bird Diner
Last night it became fall in Charleston.  As we biked home today, I was wearing a jacket, and Maybelle a sweatshirt.  On their porches, some of our neighbors were snuggled up in what appeared to be down coats.

"It's so cold!" I called out.  They laughed and nodded.

Fall is always a wonderful season, but in Charleston it's particularly wonderful.  Right now it's sixty degrees.  We have our doors and windows open, and I'm drinking a (rare) evening cup of coffee, enjoying how warm the coffee is as cool, rain-scented breezes drift through.  I love how cold it feels, how exciting sixty degrees is after a weekend with highs in the high 80s.  It makes me want to curl up, to bake something, to scratch Gabe's ever-needy neck.

Leaves don't change color here, but fall arrives in dramatic ways nonetheless.


mary said...

down coats in 60 degree weather? woah! this is a great time of year for sure. we've got an excellent high 40s going on. hooray fall!

Elizabeth said...

We've finally had a drop in the desert furnace-like heat here in Los Angeles, and it's back to cool nights and mornings with yellow leaves underfoot and fall -- LA style!