alison is gonna be annoyed....

she doesn't like it when i write stuff right after her. if she were a bluegrass player she'd say "hey man, stop steppin' on my break." but she's alison so she'll say, "dammit, biffle, everytime i post something, you post something right after it!"

sorry baby.

everybody be sure to scroll down and read alison's post. it contains some juicy gossip about dick cheney. do it now, and then come back to here. i'll provide you with asterisks, so you can pick up exactly where you left off...


for those of you who looked (kenneth): yes indeed, i did post something about patrick fitzgerald. i deleted it. see. here's the deal: what's this blog about, anyway? i know i don't want it to be about the minutia (minutae?) of someone else's day. for my part, i'd rather it be my personal riffs on external events.

so instead of merely reporting that "patrick fitzgerald just made a wonderful showing on television. he is a young man to watch," i'd rather be asking did he purposely pick out that presidential outfit for his press conference? blue suit, red tie, white shirt. yeah, that's a pretty standard color scheme, but his had the tiny elements down so well--mostly the tie.
a presidential tie usually has a large ratio of red to bauble.



his baubles were exceptionally small. (insert genitalia joke here).

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Alison said...

Dammit, Biffle, everytime I post something, you post something right after it! And here I am positioning myself as an in-the-know political feminist blogger, moving away from the blog-as-diary format that I usually prefer.


I have nothing to contribute about Patrick Fitzgerald's baubles. Except to say that I think baubles is a very friendly, nonthreatening term for male genitalia, and I think we should start using it.