fun with words:

in addition to the blog sitcom there could be a broadway musical. you know what it'd be called?


alison and i had a good running joke over the weekend: what if there were a vampire whose only special power was farting? he'd be called a fartpire.

i recently wrote a very short song:

people are sheep
we should call ourselves sheeple.


Trey said...

I think that's a good point, because a Vampire's special power is to Vam!

Walter said...

oh yeah? well, yours is to stink, stinky.
how do ya like them apples?

Walter said...

the great thing here, i just realized, is that all i need me is an ass trumpet and some fangs and i'm set to go for halloween.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I enjoyed that...(no exclamation point) Laughed right out loud and you two (Walter & Trey). I love you guys. (You're going to miss those exclamation points!)

The Mom

Zane said...

The images for "Ass Trumpet" on Google Images just wasn't as disturbing as I had thought they would be. However, give me a trumpet and a digital camera then I could fix that.

Walter said...

give me an ass trumpet, and a place to stand, and i can move the earth