a question, out of the blue, to you readers out there:

if you read this sentence as it pertained to a piece of art

Part of my intent is obliquely referencing the inter-connections that exist between privilege and need--how both these things are complicite in the perpetuation of the

would you know what it was getting at?

really, the question is: do i ever make a damn bit of sense?


Trey said...

Well, it might help if I knew what "complicite" meant.

Walter said...

it means "complicit" with a typo.

Kenneth said...

Did I hallucinate that you wrote about Patrick Fitzgerald? I'm watching the press conference on C-Span now. Having trouble following the tangled baseball analogy.

Trey said...

Well, in that case, it makes sense, but not without a dictionary.

Alison said...

I think it makes sense, but I also think on its own it comes across as a classic example of academ-ese.

If you want to boost the academic impenetrability of your prose, try including the word "imbricate." I also enjoy the word "deploy" in academic writing. Something like, "Part of my intent is obliquely deploying the imbrications of privilege and theory."

Now, that really doesn't make sense, but it sure sounds theoretical!

Zane said...

Ok, once complicit is defined then yes, one can understand this statement.

As for making sense, you do, but you come at it from the side. Kind of like you were hiding behind a tree and come running out to ambush it when it comes walking by.

Walter said...

the funny thing is that i simply wrote that sentence. as in--i was typing along, and those were the words that expressed what i was after. i didn't even known i'd done it 'til i proofed.

yes kenneth: i did write about fitzgerald, but deleted him. i wrote it on impulse, and then had second thoughts. matter of fact, i think i'll blog about that now....

Alison said...

The fact that you were just typing along and came out with a sentence like that says to me that grad school has begun to infiltrate your subconscious. You know, there's no turning back at this point. You're going to be an academic, like it or not. And Trey and Aaron will have even more reasons to make fun of you.

Kenneth said...

In your sentence, if Other is capitalized then it's a whole Nother thing.

Walter said...

yeah, i pondered that possibility for a second. really.

what's more, since "southern-ness" plays into my thesis, i could really use 'Nother.
or even "'N/Other." then i could be walter and roland barthes at the same time.

i could follow it up with a sentence that began "This otion of N/Otherness..." and then i'd be Walter, Barthes, and Archie Campbell.

did y'all know i have the first three seasons of Hee Haw on DVD?

B said...

say what, now? :)

Hi Walter!!

- b (who should be going to bed, but decided I hadn't taken a look at all my bookmarked sites in a while, so I went scrolling and realized I had yours and Alison's blog marked, and viola...that was really rambly...but there ya have it)