three new thoughts for the day (heaviest first):

#1 I woke up this morning excited about going home this weekend. "whoo-hoo! i'm going home," i thought. In times past, this thought has produced in me a certain chemical response. One that sorta floods me with warm feelings, and makes me think that i'm smelling something i really like. This morning, however, the moment after the "whoo-hoo" was met with a kind of confusion. "Just what is this home?" i asked myself.
i know what's at home--alison and baxter and the monkeys and a yard that needs to be mowed. But where was the feeling?

see, i'm not sure if my math is right, but i think that at this point in the fall, i've been here in massachusetts longer than i've been in charleston. At least it feels that way. So i'm not even gonna look at a calender to see if it's true--what's empirical evidence worth when feelings are a much more accurate barometer of truth?

wait! what was that sound? Oh, i know. it was the collective gasp of thousands of myers-briggs-ians out there, most of whom have no idea this blog even exists. They must've felt the disturbance in the force.

(note to alison: before you get too sad about number one, i really just wrote it for the joke. i thought of it while i was cookin' some eggs. luv you.)

#2 although i have given up drinking--just for today--i've still thought of a great drinking game. and it's an excellent game for those of you who drink alone, as it only requires this blog. It's called The Kelly Piepmeier Exclamation Point Drinking Game. Here are the rules: read all the comments made by alison's mom on this blog and take a drink every time she uses an exclamation point. You'll need a treatment center within the week.

#3 great idea of the moment: why hasn't one of the television networks come up with a sitcom based around someone and their blog? a hapless opinion spouter, a la jerry seinfeld (or me, for that matter), sits and blogs. Strangers read, threats of greatness loom, the zany adventures start!


Alison said...

Don't read #2, mom! He didn't mean it!

(Ooo, look, now you can play a drinking game with my response to the blog!)


Re: #1--It doesn't make me sad--I'm right there with you. The whole notion of "home" is kind of up in the air these days. Massachusetts feels a little more like "home" to me now than Charleston--you and I have both spent loads more time there than we have here.

Cate Bush said...

Have fun being at your pseudo-home this weekend :). I'm so ready for you and A to settle in together.


p.s. You know that I'm a huge fan of *MBTI*, and I felt no disturbance in the force this morning ;P ... or course I'm also an NF, so I would've been all for intuitive feelings. Hehe.

p.p.s. Kelly, I use lots of exclamation points too ... you're not alone!

Anonymous said...

See there, Walter!! You're surrounded by exclamation point users!

(And, yes, he did, Alison...but I'll at least hope he didn't mean it in a "mean" way.)

I hadn't read more than the sentence about the drinking game before just now. I'll be glad when you're through with school and able to live together in the same house in the same city, too.

The Mom/Kelly