News from the Feminist Beltway

I was at Duke at a conference for the last two days. It was a great event--I got to present with Paula Kamen, whose new work on women's experiences of chronic pain is really interesting, and I hung out with Therese Shechter, who has made a great film called I Was a Teenage Feminist. And I also got to experience how much I enjoy public speaking--I'm finding that I don't have to be over-prepared (while I was prepared, of course, I was a closing plenary speaker, and as such, I was expected to reflect on some of the themes that had emerged during the conference, so some of what I said was put together on the spot), and it feels pretty natural and fun for me.

Anyway, the news that the title of this post promises is as follows: Dick Cheney will be retiring within the month. How about that? According to my unnamed sources from the conference, this is what lefty folks in D.C. are saying right now. Maybe the tide really has turned on the Bush fuckers. I'm reluctant to be too hopeful--we've seen them get caught before and experience no consequences--but it's a great rumor, if nothing else, and should be spread.

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Walter said...

retire, or resign? i'd rather he resign, of course. we won't get any pleasure out of him claiming heart problems, he's got to step aside for a more healthy person--in the interest of the nation, of course.

yes, it's RESIGN--it must be a ball of flame.