i have the feeling inside that i'm treading familiar territory with this post. i also have the feeling that blogging about that territory is just plain bad style. done-to-death. never one to shy away from bad style or...well, i don't like "done-to-death" but...but, damn the torpedos, i'm doin' it anyway.

here's what i'm talking about: for one, i've realized for the last couple of days that i feel the need for maintainence blogging. number two, i've started using the word "blog" in combination with in other words (that's the really done-to-death part.)

"blog-" this or that. or "...-blog." i've occasionally been going through my day and thought something like "hmmm, that has some blogability to it." ocassionally i'm bored, or short on blogspiration, so i bloghop.

anyway, i've reached a point where i've begun to feel a sense of responsibility for writing something on here. i call it bloguilt. i'm too proud (and long-winded) to just do the blog-minimum and write a short, random thought. i've set a precedent of writing long posts, and blogdammit!, i'm stickin' to it.

anyway, i got squat to write. i'm bloblank.

that's why i went bloghopping this morning--to look for something inspirational. i checked kelly love johnson's blog--a person i've never met--for something. she maintains the most consistantly entertaining blog i've seen so far in my short bloglife. while she was entertaining, i didn't find too much to respond to there, except to mention in her comments section that the bagpipes are a scottish instrument, not irish.

so then i did something different--i went on a googlebinge. i looked at websites for foley artists (the people that add post-production sound to movies). i was trying to find the movie sound of an early 70's cop's shoes walking. a crunchy sound that i associate with the crunchy sound from yesterday's cornmeal...mill. i didn't find it.
i did, however, find "the wilhelm scream." google it yourself to find out what it is.

anyway, i ended up back in familiar territory by looking at kurt elling's website. he's my favorite jazz singer. his specialty is a style called "vocalise. " i think that's how you spell it. vocalise is the art of putting someone else's poem into song. he does a stunning rendition of a rilke poem called "how the thimble came to be god" sung to the tune of paul desmond's sax solo from "balcony rock." he calls the whole conglomerate "those clouds are heavy, you dig?"

i wanted to see if he was performing in boston any time soon---and, lo and behold--he's gonna be a spoleto! (spoleto is charleston's much balleyhooed arts festival).

be there, or be square.

(number of times i used the word "blog" in this post: 17)


Trey said...

There are a couple of search engines that are just for blogs:

Google Blog Search

Alison said...

Yeah, I've been feeling some guilt about not doing maintenance blogging, as well. I seem to be able to post things in spurts, and then I'll go for days and not even look at anyone's blogs.

I felt guilty on Monday because I found out that two students were looking at the blog, students I didn't realize even knew we had a blog. And I thought, "Damn, it sure hasn't been interesting lately."

And yes, Microfamous is very entertaining.

mary said...

I refuse to feel guilty about not blogging. It seems that I blog about once a week about something general and simple (not on purpose...it just seems to happen). As you know, I enjoy the shorter blogs...just so you know that you won't be letting ME down if it is less than 50 pages long. perhaps you have reached blogburnout.

Walter said...


"blogburnout?" perhaps you mean "blogburn." so named for the famous early blogger, noel blogburn--who, after 56 days of not posting a thing--suddenly burst into flames. he lived for only a few hours after that incident, without a computer, in an oxygen tent. it's been said that his enigmatic last word was a barely audible "blogbud."

(or alternately, since i watched "on the waterfront" yesterday)

his enigmatic last words were "i coulda been a blogtenda."

dear trey--

how 'bout being a little more pragmatic with your comments, and not so much the entertaining? entertaining comments,

Walter said...

i swear i didn't put that extra "entertaining comments," in there. someone else ruined the internet this time.

Trey said...

They've got a neat feature on blogger where you can edit your comments. Try it out instead of ruining the internet all the time.


Alison said...

I hope Meghann, Charlie, and Margaret Pilarski are reading, because they are going to love Noel Blogburn.

Kenneth said...

Here's something I wrote about bagpipes a couple of yeras ago.

Walter said...

yeah, kenneth's just tryin' to show us all that he's been bloggin' since noel blogburn was in diapers.

in other news:

"the sight of milla jovovich playing the cello..."


Kenneth said...

Bad movie, striking image.