The F-Word

Charlie Shipley's comment on a recent post gave me an idea. We're starting a Women's and Gender Studies magazine, and we need a good name. YOU people are clever, so maybe you can come up with one.

The challenge is, it needs to be fun and feminist (like Bitch and Bust), while still letting the reader know that this will be a vaguely academic magazine. It needs to be broad enough to be about Women's and Gender studies--so nothing too overtly feminine. And it needs to appeal to a broad demographic: students, faculty, administrators, and--very importantly--community members and potential donors.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Yea Alison

OK, it's the Me. (I heard that deep sigh.) I have lots of ideas for titles. Here are a few.

Stand and Deliver
Third Wave
Sticks And Stones

We can start here and I can add more as I think of them.
Great, huh... Hmmm...

The Dad

christiemckaskle said...

Fun? Feminist? Academic?

Let's just call it "Alison" and be done with it! :) You could have your portrait on every cover, like Oprah.

I'll work on others, but that's already my favorite.

Walter said...

how 'bout "collision"?

Walter said...

oh yeah, and props to the dad--nary a facetious suggestion in the bunch.

Alison said...

Oddly enough, my dad and Margaret Pilarski both came up with "Riveter" as a possible title.

Hmm, I kind of like Cheek. But then if you look at that word for a long time, it stops making any sense, so that might not be good.

Alison is another excellent idea, although it might not fly with the other faculty. I haven't quite established my Oprah-like empire here, but give me time!

Charlie said...

"Hmm, I kind of like Cheek. But then if you look at that word for a long time, it stops making any sense, so that might not be good."

I thought I was the only person who stared down words only to have them stop making sense. I really, really did.

Cate Bush said...

Wow, the Dad. I'm so impressed with your amazing list of possible magazine titles. James really liked Alison for the title, or Ali. Wow, how about Ali Cat? That would be great ;). I have no suggestions to date, but will keep thinking. Love you!

Heather Bailey said...

i love the idea of "Third Wave." i was trying to think of something snarky in response to the whole "women who make the world worst" campaign...but so far i'm too exhausted to come up with something truly biting.

what about something cheesy and upbeat? like "empowered" or "just as good" or "the rest of us" or "the whole story"

no, i'm going to stand behind "Third Wave."

Anonymous said...

How about Riveted? Or does that sound too passive/acted upon? Or Wonder Woman Strikes Back? Amazons in Print?
(Note that the level of tiredness is fairly apparent in the silliness of my suggestions). I do like Amazonia though. Too bad the dot com industry redefined that word already.

Miss Meghann said...

Did you get Celeste's suggestion?


I love it, but for and Gender Studies maybe notsomuch?