Guest Post from Cate

Howdy ya'll. Yes, I'm back in the South and I have to say that it's the sound of dipthongs and drawl that make me feel home more than anything. It's good to be back in Charleston visiting Alison, and reaquainting myself with my favorite meat and three, Jestine's. Interestingly enough I haven't found any meat and 3s in California or good Barbeque. So tonight in honor of Jeremy Hunt, Alison and I ate at Sticky Fingers, a well known Southern Barbeque chain ... at least to Jeremy :). It even lived up to his ravings; Alison had ribs and I had a pulled pork sandwich. Both were very good and the baked beans were quite tasty. Oh and Alison had sticky fingers at the end of the meal! <--exclamation point for Kelly Piepmeier


Kevin O'Mara said...

Alison and Catherine - the answer to your question about wine is ready.

The Mom said...

Thank you, Cate! I'm glad you're having a good visit with Alison, and I know she's thrilled to have you there. How long are you there for? (I'm sure she told me and it just didn't stick in my brain...) Sounds like you're having "good eats", too!

Love, Kelly

mary said...

jestines = good chewin for yer mouth!

Charlie said...

How about "Diphthongs and Drawl" as a WGS magazine title? Huh? Huh?