Walmart caves in!

Apparently Walmart has decided to carry emergency contraception in its pharmacies. This is great news--I actually stood up and cheered this morning in the living room of my parents' house when they announced it on the Today show. I'm still no fan of Walmart, of course, but since they're one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the country, what they do matters. And how on earth some people can consider emergency birth control a bad idea is beyond me.

Here's what I said to my dad: if our goal is to reduce the number of abortions, then the way to do this is to make contraceptives and information about contraceptives widely available. Many of the folks who are strongly anti-abortion are also strongly anti-contraception and anti-sex education. And although a big part of anti-abortion rhetoric is about saving babies, the states that have the most restrictions on abortion rights are also the states that spend the least money on services for poor children. So that leads me to wonder, what is their real agenda?

My dad, in a moment of clarity, said, "Power and control."

Well, there you have it.

But the good news this morning is, if the condom breaks, you can go to Walmart and get Plan B.


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woo! hoo!

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Hey, there is a santa hat on Baxter....???

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I'm holding my breath until this insane legislation from South Dakota hits the court. Christ, abortion even in the case of RAPE AND INCEST would be illegal. The S.D. law is designed to put, more-or-less, everything on the table for the Supreme Court to decide. Remind me why we strict constitutionalists aren't judicial activists for segments of the population?

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Yea Alison

Once again as I begin to see more and more anonymous quotes on this blog, I find it may be worthwhile to mention again this quote I found concerning people who leave anonymous comments...

"A truly anonymous quote has very little value. If it is not worthy of identification, then there is no accountability and therefore little believability. The person doing it is either afraid or ashamed of what they are saying. With the reponsibility of free speech comes the need for transparency."

By the way, Deez is fine. Happy, stinky and very vicious.

The Dad

The Dad

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Nah, I think you're being too hard on the anonymous posters, dad. As long as they're not hostile, I don't mind them staying anonymous. But maybe you're taking more ownership over this particular posting since you feature so prominently in it!

And I had your significant other remove the Santa hat from Baxter, Megan. Thanks for noticing!