Where do I start?

You all know about what's happening in South Dakota. I will certainly have things to say about that situation, and some of them may well appear on this blog. (And some of them may involve reviving the underground feminist Jane group from the 1960s.) But for now, here's an interesting Alternet article about the possible turning of the tides in the abortion debate (be sure to check out the "Sodomized Virgin Exception").

And here's a wonderful comic Kevin O'Mara sent me:


Maig said...

I like the comic.
I haven't thought of any names for your magazine/zine/ I'm too lazy to see what it technically is called.
HUmmm and look forward to your thoughts on the S.D. situation. :)

claire said...

The comic is great -- start tapping those numbers.

The "sodomized virgin" part is weird and disturbing beyond measure. And not to be totally flip, but I am pretty clear that one cannot get pregnant from anal sex (is that what he was doing, making sure no one has anal sex as a response to South Dakota's no abortion law?). And finally I think we are up against a geography issue -- South Dakota....? Home to a hotel that has a water park in the lobby (and the reason my daughter will claim that she wants to live in South Dakota when she grows up....I think not), that biker rally and Mt. Rushmore. I wonder if you polled all Americans how many would identify South Dakota as a state?

Anonymous said...

Are those the real S.D. senator's numbers? I hope so, cause I'd hate to be a random person with a bunch of angry people calling me!

Gale said...

Saved the comic. That's hilarious.