A break from the political blogging

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was from Biffle. He got me a bunch of bumper stickers. This was an especially thoughtful gift, because Biffle hates bumper stickers--he dislikes any kind of labeling on his body or car. I've always had plenty of them on my own cars, but for most of 2006-2007, he and I were sharing a vehicle, which remained unadorned so as not to offend his sensibilities. However, as you all know, this fall I got my own car, so it was time for stickers, and Biffle gave me lots of good ones.

My current favorite is the one on the upper left. In that font that looks like it's advertising a sports team, it says "Vaginas." I just love it! It's celebratory, assertive without being the slightest bit defensive. It's the kind of bumper sticker whose sense of itself is so solid that it's probably wondering why other cars don't have "Vaginas" written on them.

It's also proving to be an excellent social experiment. When I'm driving around, I can look in my rearview mirror and see the most interesting reactions. A car with two college-aged women in it got visibly excited--pointed at it and did a little happy car dance. A woman in the passenger seat of a truck pointed it out to the man driving, and he looked, grimaced, and made a comment which obviously was not celebratory. The woman got completely pissed off and started giving him what for. Consciousness raising right there in the cab!


Quiche said...

I love it! Love the allusion to a sports team too! Let's hear it for the Vaginas! We could come up with some nifty cheers!

Chris said...

Now that's funny! But imagine the same on a more "manly" car or better yet Ford F-150 Pick-Up Truck.

Chris McIntire


Curtis said...

Yeah, it does look like a sports team... but my first thought was that it looked like the logo for a brand of ice cream or a donut shop. I'd definitely buy donuts at Vaginas'... but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't eat them.