Mars Attacks!

This morning Alison found that she'd been spammed by Jesus' Army of Condemnation. Probably in reaction to yesterday's "Blog for Choice" day, lots of people (who are evidently using their actual names, which is nice for a change) have hit her with e mails describing the temperature in hell.

Here's a mild example:

Dr. Piepmeier,
What will you do with Walter if he gets cancer and becomes a burden too your furture?
What will Walter do with you?
Take a being and toss it in the river.
Paul A. D--- Jr.

Well, lemme answer that:

Mr. D----:
I hope to goodness if i get cancer the choice of what to do with me will remain in the capable hands of me and/or Alison. In other words, if i get cancer i hope to either be able to choose to seek the treatment i see fit, or choose to die with dignity. Please--in your egotistical efforts to legislate your oppressive morality upon people who may not see the world the way you do--please don't require me to stay alive, hooked to tubes or pumped full of drugs. Also, please don't make me your unwitting poster child as was done with poor Terry Schiavo. I wonder if she would have approved of the use of her crippled body to forward someone else's agenda?


Quiche said...

Akkk Akkk! Shame on you two! There you go again, threatening their prefab paradigm, Borg, hive mentality, and making them think! Ha!
Have they sent you any cheesy Chick publications yet? It's the pulp fiction comic strip version of Jesus' Army of Condemnation.

Infinite blessings to the both of
you (:

Curtis said...

Gee, how many were there? Makes ya wonder how they came across y'all's blog at all. Were they googling for pages with the words "abortion", "laughingly", and "rights"? Or perhaps a friend (well, FORMER friend) referred them to the site, and they've been waiting, WAITING for your evil to get so strong that they just have to say something? Is there some right-wing blog-watching software that alerts people when a choice-positive post comes online, like an angelic RSS feed? Personally, I am SHOCKED that people who like milkshakes can hate children so much. Sorry. Sarcasm doesn't type so well. Maybe all the emails were joking, too!