The world's worst newspaper

I cannot abide the Sunday Post and Courier. Here's an example of the kind of article that was in this morning's paper:

There are some great reporters who work for the P&C, but the paper as a whole is so vacuous! I'm at the point in my life where I'm ready to be one of those people who says, "Did you see such-and-such article in the Times yesterday?" But Biffle and I live in some weird Land the Times Forgot--people a few blocks south of us get it, and people a few blocks north of us get it, but for some reason we can't get The New York Times delivered to our house--even though the person who delivers it drives past our house every Sunday morning.

So we're forced to read op-ed pieces about how great corporate ownership of America is, book reviews that are 150 words long, and think pieces about clowns for Christ.


Trey said...

Why don't you just read the NYTimes online? http://www.nytimes.com/

Alison said...

Because I like PAPER, Stinky. I like sitting at the table with the paper, and putting it down to look at Biffle, and then handing him a stack, and rifling through for another section I want. We're isolated when we're sitting at our laptops--in a little one-person love affair with the screen. Paper is more communal.

Biffle said...

1) i think we both like the tactility of the paper.
2) reading lengthy things on the computer screen makes me weary.
3) to re-state #1 a little differently: i haven't developed a cyber-equivalent to the mental filing system that allows me to comprehend the newspaper and its multiple parts.

Anonymous said...

here's something to think about. if the articles are beneath you in the p&c then cancel your subscription. if the by times can't be delivered to your door, then seek it out and go get one. I would say get in you car, but that's bad for the environment. not to mention the fact it would go against biffle's new year resolution so instead get on your bike or put on your walking shoes and use your own energy...you probably could use the excersise anyway.

also, the article you showcased as an example of nonsense, I would expect to see in a Sunday paper. afterall it is a day some people choose to go to church to listen to God's word.

Biffle said...

That's why there's a section called Faith and Values. I would expect a news item about clowns in church to be in that section. This one was on A2.

Alison said...

No, actually the clown piece was in the Faith and Values section, which is certainly where it belonged.

But my overarching point is that I want to read a newspaper that makes me think, and I'm just lazy enough not to want to bike downtown to get the Times on Sunday morning. I want to crawl out of bed and there it is, on my porch!

Elizabeth said...

If the paper had a delete button, it would be Delete, Delete, Delete. I call it the Newsless Courier. Finishing the Sunday paper in 15 minutes is a lousy thing. I want to lounge, drink coffee, and read something.

Maig said...

I like the tactility of the paper, too. It's also handy around the house when you finish reading it.
Wrapping paper, stuffing packages, house training a pet (I think), I've seen it used for gardening, lining things, hats, paper planes, all sorts of things.