New Year's makeover

Check out the excellent new masthead Biffle made for Baxter Sez. How many of the book titles can you identify? That Baxter is one voracious reader.


Conseula said...

This is from Frances (who immediately recognized that you'd changed the masthead): "Baxter is very cute." and "Where is the blog that says 'Benya Barks'?"

Trey said...

Excellent work.

Megan stopped what she was doing to tell me to type:

"That is really good. That is really good. That is really good."

Kenneth said...

Somewhere there's a funny picture of my friend's cat lying on a copy of Georg Luk√°cs' Theory of the Novel.

Cate Bush said...

Love it! Baxter looks right at home with all of those books .. .


Anonymous said...

is #4 down on the second column back Chela Sandoval's Methodology of the Oppressed?

Alison said...

Ha! Yes, SCExpatriate, you are DEFINITELY in grad school!