Feminism 101

Well, the fallout from Alison's abortion article continues. I try not to look at what people are saying, but just like when a person plays "see food" or there's some particularly grizzly roadkill, i can't help but look: It's just too compelling.

Mostly I look just to feel superior, although every once in a while someone will say something helpful or thoughtful. Mostly, however, it's the usual suspects of God and his special needles just for us, hell's a-waitin', Alison is a monster, and the new but wildly creative Walter has no balls.

I have resisted the urge to comment and correct fallacies (e.g. the libel concerning my balls), subliminated most of the feelings of superiority into empathy and love, and have stuck to the clinical "market research" attitude i like to use when taking the temperature of conservative America. However, out of the jangly bunch of comments made, one in particular just really grabbed my attention. So here, for your reading pleasure and edification, i offer the author H's very special non-paraphrased understanding of feminism and feminists:

I regularly read several radical feminist blogs and message boards — feministing.com, iblamethepatriarchy.com, womensspace.org, etc. ... (they amuse me — I have a slightly twised sense of humor).

I assure you such selfishness and callous indifference is not uncommon among feminists — generally, the more radical they are, the more self-centered and obnoxious they become. Many are so selfish or mentally scarred (many have been driven to radical extremist feminism because of horrible abuse at the hands of an ex, a father or a stranger) that they can do nothing but live by themselves. Others are lesbians — and some are “political lesbians” or “lesbian separatists” ... i.e. they aren’t actually attracted to women, they’re just so anti-male that they must choose between a relationship with a woman or being a hermit. Generally, they are a pitiful group in need of serious psychotherapy ... not the extremely unhealthy bitch-fest they participate in on these boards.

For the scant few that are in heterosexual relationships, their relationship is exclusively about their satisfaction and what their husband does for them. There is little give and take, and their castrato is on a very short leash. Should he say anything even remotely sexist, he’ll be the topic of conversation on webboards for months — and he’ll be called abusive, patriarchal, a rapist, etc.

Their sex lives (they talk about EVERYTHING on very public message boards) are exclusively about their own pleasure. They do nothing specifically FOR their spouse or partner unless there is something in it for them. THEY control the sexual spigot — and if their husband doesn’t stop at the first sign of trouble, he’s a patriarchal rapist. Any sex that requires ANY urging on their husband’s part is rape. Any act that they don’t find appealing (such as an act that Ms. Lewinsky specializes in) is off limits, and a male that would dare request such an act is a rapist.

Abortion is sacrosanct. To them a fetus is unworthy of any consideration whatsoever. I have LITERALLY read the quote ... [paraphrased] “I step on cockroaches without a second thought, why should I be worried about a glob of cells?” They have referred to fetuses “using” their body “without their permission”, and have likened them to rapists. They are without conscience — a well oiled machine of narcissism.

Honestly — I pity these people. They are immeasurably and uniformly unhappy. They take any bad thing happening to any woman anywhere VERY personally (to the point of having to have “trigger warnings” on any news articles about a rape or murder — so that they won’t accidentally read something that literally tears their life apart). They can be set off into seething rage by anything from a beer commercial, to a Hooters restaurant, to an unwelcomed come-on at a bar.

They live in constant disproportionate fear of men — fear of being raped, murdered, beaten. They fear catcalls. They fear what men are THINKING about them — because “that guy may have just watched pornography and now he’s mentally raping me”. They disdain anything society considers beautiful or healthy as entirely patriarchal beauty constructs. They are cold, callous, calculating — and pretty much entirely incapable of being in a relationship with a non-doormat.

In essence ... they have become matriarchal - and they embody a mirror image of everything they disdain in the supposed “patriarchy”.




Anonymous said...

okay, I feel compelled to say something positive. Although I greatly disagree with abortion, I do have to give Allison credit. She fights for what she believes and is entitled to her opinions. People need to be careful before they condemn someone to Hell. Judge not lest ye be judged. So people need to be careful when they "throw stones" I'm sure they have done things that God would not be happy with.

Anonymous said...

So who is this doormat Alison's married to, and where have you hidden him, Walter? Since she's clearly incapable of being married to a "nondoormat," you must have this eunich (sp?) trussed up somewhere.

(I could think of no other response to such a comment.)

-little dj

Alison said...

Yeah, like Walter, I'm doing data analysis on all the comments and hate mails, and many of them do seem inordinately concerned with "Walter" (they like to put his name in scare quotes as though I made him up) and his lack of manly credentials.

And thanks for the support, mac-chick! I know we don't always agree on issues, but I really appreciate your comment here.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a very extreme definition of feminism, it is too bad that Alison doesn't fit any of those descriptions. I especially dislike the fact that people believe that you had to endure something traumatic to be a feminist.

Good post Walter! I think you are very manly!


Margaret said...

whoa my head exploded with all that. h is just so damn intuitive.

Quiche said...

H dude said: "...and if their husband doesn’t stop at the first sign of trouble, he’s a patriarchal rapist. Any sex that requires ANY urging on their husband’s part is rape. Any act that they don’t find appealing (such as an act that Ms. Lewinsky specializes in) is off limits, and a male that would dare request such an act is a rapist."

-apparently, this has been his personal, us and them, out of touch with women, blue balled experience. What is extremely disturbing is that he obviously finds it perfectly acceptable to force sex on a woman, spouse or not, offended that women have the right to consent or deny. What is his definition of "urging" (I am afraid to ask)? I'm sure if some man "urged" him to have sex against his will or consent, he would have labeled it for what it is- rape (regardless of gender). The fact that he regularly visits "feminist" sites as some form of amusement, "they amuse me — I have a slightly twised sense of humor" and derives some perverted pleasure at women's accounts of abuse, rape, subjugation by men, and their fear of it, and is offended and threatened by the idea that women do not need a man to pleasure themselves (as if men don't masturbate?), or that they might choose to be with a woman over a man, is hugely offensive and threatening to him, and his distorted view of what it means to be a man. Perverted, predatory, and extremely disturbing. There's your monster.

I wouldn't bother with such folks that give no quotes from authoritative sources, speak in generalizations and stereotyping, don't even bother to read and directly address what Alison has written, and base their condemnation on ignorance.

Blessings to the both of you.

Curtis said...

I guess I should continue a little more, and actually point out the lack of positive alternatives there...