Things I didn't get to address in tonight's four-minute TV segment:

  • Examples of the horrific misogyny facing Hillary in this campaign--from the latest "Iron My Shirt" stupidity of some idiots in New Hampshire to the repellent Facebook groups that have formed. I did mention the woman who asked McCain, "What are we going to do about the bitch?" But because they'd asked me not to say "bitch," I referred to the "b-word." Alas.
  • Statistics that show how our hostility toward political women affects the number of women in politics (stuff y'all know--16% of our legislature is female, only 9% of the South Carolina state legislature is female). And I didn't get to suggest that this perhaps undercuts our ability to function as a democracy.
  • I also didn't say, to the caller who questioned Hillary's ability to hold it together as President, that that was one of the arguments people used to claim that women shouldn't get the right to vote. You sexists have had a while--you could at least come up with some new material.

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