Dance party

The Piepmeier bunch went to Catherine's family's house last night, and after we ate a large quantity of Sarah's homemade cookies (and ONE store-bought cookie, which we had to identify--very challenging), we spent quite a while dancing to Michael Jackson songs.

Let me tell you, I take this stuff seriously, as this picture taken by Trey will document.  I was quite sweaty after each round.  I'm not one of these Wii dance competitors who just moves my right arm.  No, I am putting my entire body into the dance.  Because I love a dance party.

Catherine does, too.  In fact, all of us had a really great time.


Lisa said...

Sheridan just had his first dance party with my friends' girls... first he watched them dance and smiled. He loved watching them... then it was like he couldn't resist any more. He shook his booty (literally, that's all he did) for 20 minutes. Next time I have to try :)

Alison said...

Hurray, Sheridan!

Meriah said...

you guys seem like so much fun. from the 'wet boobs and laptop' to coffee and then dancing, you have it made. in the shade.

Anonymous said...

Love that photo, dance partee is something we do here too! Not so much in front of anyone tho!