I'll give you more information once we've had a bit more time here, but let me say this:  There is a pancake house every 15 feet in Gatlinburg, but they all close at 3pm.  We arrived in Gatlinburg around 5, having promised a hungry Maybelle that she was going to get pancakes for dinner.  She was eager to get out of the car, desperate for a pancake, and we drove and drove and drove.

By 6 we'd made it to Pigeon Forge, which had a Cracker Barrel--halleluia, they serve pancakes all day.  So that was our first meal in Gatlinburg.

Then we came back to our hotel room and tried to get Maybelle to go to sleep.  By 9 she finally had done so.  Now it's early morning, and I'm sitting in the hotel bathroom, blogging a bit in private so that I won't wake Maybelle up.

Our drive yesterday was a lot of fun.  I'm not sure yet how to assess this hotel time with a toddler.  In a few minutes the free continental breakfast bar downstairs will open, and I'll go get some coffee.  That will help me achieve some clarity.


Reagan said...

Haha- I read the first sentence and found myself chanting under my breath, "Cracker Barrel! Cracker Barrel!" :)

Anonymous said...

Traveling with a small child can be, let's just say, it's different. Shame on the lack of late day Pancake houses and hooray for Cracker Barrel! I am like Maybelle, in a new place I can not sleep worth a dickens!

Brooke R. said...

Hope the rest of your G-burg vacation was all you wanted it to be! I randomly ran into Biffle at Smoky Mountain Brewery Tuesday night!

Alison said...

I know, Brooke--Biffle told me he saw you! I'm sorry I didn't get to hug you and say hello!

We ended up leaving town the next day because of all the rain, but we did Log Cabin Pancakes and the Space Needle first.

Alison said...

Reagan, it didn't even occur to me until we saw the restaurant, but I'm glad you have the radar for the dinnertime pancake!

And Starrlife, traveling with Maybelle is probably more challenging for me than for her. Her not sleeping was delightful for her--she kept sitting up, giggling, etc. I was the one feeling like, "Am I ever going to get to check my email?" I'm too stuck to routine.