More fun stuff

Here's Maybelle having lunch at one of her two favorite restaurants.  Waffle House was yesterday.  Today was Cracker Barrel, where she snarfed an entire pancake and a whole bottle of syrup--and remarkably had none on her shirt at the end of the meal.

Saying "Toot toot!" in the train car
Here she's enjoying our morning exploring the historic train cars at the Cookeville Depot. These were new to me--we got to go inside three separate train cars, sit on things, climb up, look through windows, and say, "Toot toot!" to our hearts' content.

Other fun things:
  • The weather is perfect winter:  sunny, blue skies, and cold (but not too cold).
  • I finished a book that I was reading just for pleasure.
  • I've now eaten three Ralph's butter twists.
  • I have a wonderful mother who was willing to stay up with Maybelle last night.  After mom and I had tag-teamed three hours of lying in bed with an energetically awake Maybelle (7:30-10:30 pm), I let Maybelle come downstairs.  By 11:30 I was too tired to stay awake any longer.  Maybelle?  Raring to go.  So mom stayed up with her, until she finally fell asleep at 1:00 am.
And I'll end with what I find to be a very satisfying picture of Gabe and her cousin e.v. running together.


mary said...

ha- e.v. looks like she is doing some sort of funny dance with both of her front paws in the air.

that day of running the dogs at the tennis courts was fun. i am glad gabe and e.v. got to meet and hang out and become four legged buddies!

claire said...

I wish I were having pancakes with Maybelle tomorrow -- maybe next week?