Random good-time holiday stuff

My parents' house has been full of people this holiday season, so my dad declared that we were all going to use plastic cups with our names on them (and therefore avoid the dishwasher being continually full of everybody's 27 dirty glasses). He put out a stack of cups and a Sharpie.

Unlabeled cup
Well, as it turns out*, my brother Trey is a talented cartoonist, so he decorated everybody's cup.  Here, for instance, is a cup that nobody labeled.  The cowboy here says, "Ahm an outlaw what has no label."

Mary's cup
Here, on Mary's cup, Wolverine explains, "I'm the best there is at eating nog."  On the right side, his claws are snicking out, but I couldn't get them in the picture.

Trey's cup
Trey's cup shows an unnamed person who seems to me to be a past (shaved) version of Trey, grouchily proclaiming, "This is not coffee."  There were obviously many others, including Spock saying, "This beverage is not logical," and Watson (on my mug) saying, "This bev is elementary."  We even had an appearance by David Bowie from Labyrinth saying, "You remind me of the babe."

*Completely unrelated to the cups is our realization this holiday that "as it turns out" is a great time-buyer if you're trying to make up a story.  If someone says, "Aaron, tell us a great joke about a sweet potato," then his best bet is to start by saying, "Well, as it turns out..."


Anonymous said...

Cup artistry = awesome.

Meriah said...

Love the cups - what a brilliant idea.

PS. Love the time-buyer too. Note taken.