We had a great time Sunday night at the DSAL Holiday Party. Here are Maybelle and I dancing together to Toni Basil's "Mickey," the song that is currently one of Maybelle's top three for dancing.  The dancing was such an attraction to her that the second we walked into the room where the party was being held, Maybelle ran to the dance floor, and that was it.  And you know me, I love a dance party!

And here she's getting her present from Santa.  She was a bit terrified of Santa when he came in the room, loudly "Ho ho ho"-ing into the microphone, but when all the other kids went running to see him, so did she.  "It's the abject," I said to Walter as I got up to follow her.  "She's repelled, but she has to see."  This year, for the first time, she seemed to fully understand the notion that the present was hers and that she got to open it.

One of my DSAL/blog friends took these pictures, and now they're on Facebook.  I'm still not sure I understand how Facebook works, but if you're my friend and go to my homepage, I think all the pictures from the party that feature me are part of my Facebook photo album.  Or something.  Thanks, Michelle!


Michelle said...

You're welcome! Maybelle was so cute dancing and with her big present! She wanted to hold it all by herself even though it seemed heavy for her! It was fun seeing you guys Sun night!

Lisa said...

Sheridan and Maybelle would dig each other. They'd surely have a dance off of some sort.