7 for 21: The poo story

Last night Catherine and I went on a date while Biffle was playing a gig elsewhere in town. One of the world's best babysitters was hanging with a sleeping Maybelle, who had apparently made some complaining--but not distressed--noises shortly after going to bed. This isn't a new phenomenon, so he'd listened to see how upset she was (not very), and let her be.  She'd quieted down and presumably gone to sleep.

Shortly after we got back home, Catherine heard Maybelle talking cheerfully to herself, so I went into her bedroom to give her the "Maybelle, it's time to go to bed!" stern speech.  As I opened her door, a wave of smell washed over me.  She cheerfully said, "Good morning!" to me, and I said, "We need to change your diaper."

And then I picked her up out of the bed, and realized that her back was warm and moist.  And when I brought her into our bedroom, where the light was on, I saw that her little hand was brown.  Something exciting had happened in bed, and she'd done some exploring

Catherine had to strip the bed, banish the stuffed animals, and confirm that the mattress cover had done its job.  I had to take Maybelle to the shower--it was that bad.  I scrubbed, and scrubbed again:  "Let's wash your hands one more time!"  Fortunately, Maybelle was very happy with the shower, and after she was cleaned, she was content to read Goodnight Moon and head to bed again where, her digestive system completely empty, she slept soundly.

I know others have far more dramatic stories than this one, but this was the most dramatic poo incident we've had in our household.  I'm not sure exactly what to do with some of the animals (how do you de-poo a handmade sheep?), but we made it through, and I'm hopeful that tonight will have no exciting incidents at all.


Aaron said...

when I saw the title I thought this was going to be a Walter related story...oh man.

The Mom said...

You're the one in our family with a story like that! (Oops! Now the world knows!) :-)

Jay Crockett said...

A whole cadre of disney characters suffered this fate. We had a 'backup' Mickey but I think the rest had to go.

krlr said...

Gross as it might be, I can personally asure you that the extra large jar of Desitin is harder to clean off furniture, windows, & walls.