Things I love about teaching

Ooo, it's a theme this morning!

Yesterday my students were all required to write responses to a very dense (but interesting!  and important!) set of readings about gender and violence.  One of my students made this mobile.

As you can see below, the shapes all had (good) quotes from the readings on them.  I'm not really sure how (in an artistic sense) Martha Mahoney and Kimberle Crenshaw's essays related to a mobile, but I love having students who are willing to be creative in engaging with our course material.

And now we have more funky art for our office.


Liz Fig said...

We had to relate it to our service locations, and I've worked at Dee Norton Children's Center a few times. Glad you like the mobile! :)

Alison said...

LOVE the mobile! Thanks for making it!