Internet and Flantor the Peno

For the last couple of days, we haven't had internet at our house.  Our cable modem has failed us, and despite the fact that our neighborhood is increasingly full of college students, none of them have unsecured wireless internet that we can glom onto.  We're very hopeful that this will be fixed by tomorrow.

I have some posts I've been working on, and I'll probably post something in just a few minutes, since I'm at work, where there's plenty of internet.  But in the meantime, enjoy this picture sent by my brother Trey, commemorating an incomprehensible--and yet brilliant and hilarious--joke by my brother Aaron.  Please note the shout-out at the bottom:  "Scridge one up for the Gridge."  Wow, were we an odd bunch.

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krlr said...

Brothers are good like that. Mine is the only person who thinks my jokes ARE brilliant & hilarious, and yet will be the first person to call me out for the incomprehensible bits. I hope you get to see them often ....mine is arriving 6 hrs! Maybe if I do love him all that much, I should clean the guest room? Nah...