Things I love about the morning

1.  I love a cup of coffee.  Love it.  It doesn't have to be good coffee, or particularly hot--it just has to have some milk in it, and I find it so satisfying.
2.  The quiet before the day really begins.  That's what time it is right now:  I check emails, cruise around my friends' blogs, read my Google alerts about prenatal testing and Down syndrome, think about things with no schedule in mind.
3.  Snuggle time.  These days, Maybelle really loves the first 15 minutes of the morning to be in the rocking chair.  I'll get her out of bed, and she'll say, "I to rock."  So we sit in the rocking chair, she snuggles up, and we rock.
4.  I actually really enjoy Maybelle's musical pickiness.  While we're rocking, I'm supposed to be singing to her, but she is incredibly opinionated.  I'll start up with "Jelly Man Kelly," and she'll say, "No."  Then I'll launch into "Bingo":  "No."  "Only the Good Die Young?"  "No."  One morning she had me sing TMBG's "James K. Polk" three times.

Maybelle is now calling out from her bedroom, so I'll go and enter into two of my favorite morning things.

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krlr said...

I love the quiet mornings too - though I don't know if I approve of the cold coffee! G. is just as picky about her books - cracks.me.up.