8 of 21: Just Dance Kids

About a week ago Maybelle and I visited with our friends Conseula, Francis, and Cate.  While we were at their place, the girls pulled out their Wii and the game Just Dance Kids.

I've done some of this Wii dancing and singing stuff before.  Catherine and I had a solid evening of the Wii Michael Jackson game a few months ago, and it was strangely hilarious and fun.  The Just Dance Kids captured that hilarity and fun for the younger crowd.

This video game allowed you to select songs, from songs that are perfectly pitched to the toddler crowd--the Wiggles' "Hot Potato"!--to those that are perfectly pitched to their moms--Toni Basil's "Hey Mickey"!  For each song, there are kids dancing, and the dance moves by and large are simple and repeated.  If you're actually playing the game for a score, you hold the Wii thingy as you wave your arms around, but if--like Maybelle--you're just dancing for the joy of it, you can march up to the tv, study the moves and emulate them, then turn around and emulate the other people who are dancing, and sing along with the songs you know.

Maybelle enjoyed it so much that she danced intently through "Hey, Mickey," "Happy and You Know It," "Hot Potato," and a couple of songs I didn't know that Francis picked out.  I finally had to hold Maybelle for "The Macarena," but until that one came on, she was dancing completely on her own.

She had so much fun that this might be what she's getting for Christmas.  She does love to dance.
Learning the line dance


krlr said...

Dance off! Some of my favorite moments are my two kids dancing in front of the wii. I'd been against it (evil video games!) but was ignored by my MIL - she was right (darnit)

Though we do club penguin club dancing, will have to check out Just Dance Kids.

Aaron said...

wow... it's strange that you'll have a Nintendo in your house. Even though I don't play my PS3 or Wii nearly as much as I'd like to (damn school), they just make the house feel like a home... you know... like having a piano.