Buddy Walk 2011

Today was our fourth Buddy Walk.  It's amazing every year to see how much has changed in Maybelle, and in our family.  I know that in past years I've written reflective posts about the changes, but this year let me share visually (you know, with lengthy captions):

Dance party Maybelle
While last year Elizabeth and I held Rosemary and Maybelle on our hips and danced around ourselves, this year Maybelle heard the DJ playing "Hey Ya," ran to the dancing area, and was inclined to stay there as long as possible. She danced and danced and danced. No assistance necessary.

Last year we were amazed that she could walk the whole mile by herself. This year she marched, walked forward, walked backward, and would often grab Biffle and I by the hands so that we'd swing her into the air. Biffle noted that last year, all she could say was, "Whee!" This year, to get swung, she had to say, "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10!", and she'd often say it really quickly so that she'd be in the air sooner.

Sliding really fast!
The DSAL Buddy Walk always has a ridiculous number of jump castles. Nine this year. And this year, Maybelle went in them. There were wonderful teenagers in every jump castle helping the kids to navigate, and they got Maybelle to the top of this slide, and she came down super fast. And loved it.

The end of the walk
But let's be honest--this year's Buddy Walk wasn't all that different from previous years. It ended with me and Biffle crying about how proud we are of Maybelle, and how happy we are to have her in our lives. Meanwhile, Maybelle was wriggling and saying, "Down! Down, please!" because she was ready to go back to the dance area.


Cate Bush said...

Loved the pictures and the lengthy captions. Yay Maybelle and the Buddy Walk!

Elizabeth said...

She's a doll -- and that last photo is just precious!

krlr said...

Oh my she is ADORABLE. And the last photo is classic - leggo mom!

Also very nice that you had the walk in fall. Ours was on a day that I'm pretty sure hit triple digits. Nice, but not nearly as pleasant.

The Mom said...

Loved this post! Also loved all the new photos on Flikr! I'm so proud of Maybelle! Go, Girl!

mary said...

i especially like the set on flickr where she is learning the line dance. ultra cute!

Danielle said...

I love seeing pictures of Maybelle, and I so miss her awesome smiles in the morning. You really are lucky to be the proud parents of such a special person! :) Big hugs to all of you.